Smart collections is SupaDupa's built in mechanism that determines which of your products has been clicked on by your customer and which of your collections it belongs to.

By determining the parent collection that a product belongs to, SupaDupa can show more related products to your customer on the product page. This is a helpful way of suggesting other products the customer may be interested in. It's the online equivalent of saying "If you are interested in this product, you might also want to check out these related ones".

This means that you can arrange your home page as a "mixed bag" of different items.
When your customer clicks on a product they are automatically shown more products in the enclosed collection.

e.g. In our demo boutique we have arranged the home page to look like this:

Let's pretend that the customer clicks on the pink shoe.

They will now go to the product page and be shown more shoes alongside the main product they have clicked on.

Alternatively, if the customer clicks on a dress, they will see more dresses from that collection.

Please note that a line of text is also automatically added to the product description providing the customer with and additional link to the enclosing collection/s.

Collections are a great way to organise your products into more logical categorisations which ultimately help your customer to browse and arrive at the products that interests them most.

What do you need to do to enable Smart Collections?

Absolutely nothing. Smart Collections are part of each of SupaDupa's themes and you don't have to do anything to take advantage of this feature.

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