Etsy is a great marketplace for handmade and craft products and is a must go to destination for those of you looking for exposure to an audience obsessed with handmade.

We love Etsy and that’s why we have added a new feature to SupaDupa which allows anyone with an Etsy account to import all their product listing into their SupaDupa store in one click. If you are already on Etsy and thinking of setting up your very own store this is probably the fastest and most efficient way to be up and running in seconds.

The following is a step by step guide to how to export your Etsy product listings from your Etsy account and then import those listings into SupaDupa.

Step 1

You must first export your Etsy product listings. Etsy allows you to download a .CSV file containing all of your product listings. You can do this when you log into your Etsy account. Go to: SHOP SETTINGS and click on ‘Options’

Step 2

Click on ‘Download Data’ from the tabs on the right

Step 3

In the CURRENTLY FOR SALE LISTINGS section click the ‘Download CSV’ button

The download will start and you will be able to see it in your downloads panel (this will look different depending on the web browser you are using)

(If Etsy has changed there interface since this article was published then we would advise contacting their customer support directly for further assistance in accessing your .CSV product file)

Step 4

Log into to your SupaDupa admin and go into the Products tab

Click on the ‘Import Products’ button

Step 5

Click on the Etsy Importer button

Then, click on ‘Upload File’ to browse for your Etsy Listings Download .csv file

Browse for the EtsyListingsDownload.csv file which should be located in your downloads folder unless you have saved it somewhere else specifically. Once you have located the file click to select it and then click on ‘Choose’ or perhaps 'Open' in some cases.

Step 6

Click on the ‘Start import’ green button. Please be patient, the file will now upload and get processed on SupaDupa.

After a few minutes you should see a progress bar indicating that the data is being processed.

You may already have some products you previously uploaded, that’s ok, you will not overwrite any of them by importing new ones. SupaDupa also knows whether you already have Etsy listings in your catalogue already so if you upload an Etsy product listings CSV file more than one SupaDupa will simply ignore products you already have but add new ones in.

Once the process is complete you will receive a notification message telling you how many products were imported.

That's it You can now organise your new products into collections which you can do from within your collections tab.

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