You can offer full personalisation services using your SupaDupa boutique with ease:

  • Choose to personalise any product in your store
  • You decide what questions to ask
  • You can still apply product variations of size and colour etc.
  • Your product appears in the same way as any other product in your store
  • Your customer is prompted to answer your questions at the checkout
  • Customisation options can be applicable to one or multiples of the same product e.g. when a customer buys 20 units of the same T-Shirt they can customise all of them with the same instructions or choose to apply different options to each T-Shirt in turn.
  • The customisation options are saved together with the order
  • Customization Instructions displayed together with the line item they pertain to at fulfilment

Here are just a few personalization examples we love:

Personalized T-Shirts

Personalized leather tags

CestSuperbe make these brilliantly conceived leather tags for honeymooners!

Mesa Dreams make custom leather products ranging from dog collars to luggage tags.

Personalized stationery

Pinhole Press offers a wide range of beautifully designed personalized stationery and photo based products.

Personalized wine bottle labels

Personalized artwork

Lisa Swerling recycles disused drawers into eye popping personalized works of art where the piece itself incorporates a whole host of customisation options ranging from the colour of the characters eyes to names imprinted within the piece.

KAL BARTESKI is a professional artist who specializes in painting, writing and design. She also offers hand written works of art based on her enchanting broad brush calligraphy which can be customised to order.

Sarah & Bendrix creates delicately framed paper artworks which can be personalised to reflect the occasion they are for.

Personalized jewlery

We hope this opens up some creative product opportunities for those of you who might have been toying with the idea.

Please write in with your suggestions and examples of how you are using this feature for your business.

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