This article will briefly cover how to configure your Network Solutions domain name to point to SupaDupa. This assumes that you want it configured so when a person visits or they see your SupaDupa boutique immediately.

1. Log in to your Network Solutions Account. click "My Domains" to view your list of domains.
If you only have one domain it will automatically take you into a page of settings for that domain. If you have multiple domains in your account choose your domain from the list.

2. Click "Edit Advanced DNS Records"

3. Click "Edit A Records"
You will see some records exist already.

4. Click on the Delete boxes for the top 3 entries (yes, we're sure) and click the Continue button. Note the records won't disappear once deleted - but will show up as having 'none' for the 'Numeric IP' column.

5. Click Save Changes.

6. Click "Edit CNAME Records"
Fill out the table as shown.
The first row should be a "*" alias pointing to "Other Host"
The second row should be a "www" alias pointing to "". The final period (.) in that box is important!

Please ensure you check the radio button next to the other host name.
Also note it should say "", not your boutique's address.

7. Click on the "Continue" button. If you get an error message here about aliases already existing, you might need to wait a bit for Network Solutions to update and then try again in 10 minutes.

8. Click on the "Save Changes" Button

9. Log into your SupaDupa boutique's back office and go to 'Domains' which can be found under your 'Shop Settings" tab.

10. You should now add the www version of your domain name (e.g, to your SupaDupa domains page, and make it the default domain.

11. Also add the non-www version of your domain (no need to make it the default though).

It may take up to 24 hours for the domain to start working correctly. Quitting your browser and re-opening it may help you to see the changes sooner, but again it may take up to 24 hours after making the changes for you to be able to see them working.

Other Tips:

  1. Please note that the Network Solutions "web forwarding" does NOT work with SupaDupa so do NOT use it - follow the instructions above instead.
  2. After deleting the A records and when trying to add the CNAME records, Network Solutions may say the alias already exists. This is because either:
    a) you haven't deleted the A records, or
    b) more likely, Network Solutions may take a few minutes to update. Please just wait 10 minutes, make a cup of tea, then try again.
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