Step 2
 Copy your Live Secret API Key. These details were issued to you when you created your Stripe account:

You may need to click on the "Reveal test key secret" button or the "Reveal test key secret" button if using test credentials.

 Once revealed, it should As an example, the it may look like this: 'sk_live_r4wJgD9p1ipa3ro5r3rqVQYd'.

 Step 3
 Login to your SupaDupa admin.
 Step 4
 From here, click on the ‘Settings’ tab and choose 'Payment Methods'
 Step 5
 Click on the credit card gateway toggle so it becomes activated - notice the toggle will become green.
 Step 6
 Select 'Stripe' from the drop down list of payment gateways
 Step 7
 Paste your Live Secret API Key  into the correct field

 Step 8
 Select the credit / debit card brands you will be accepting.
 Step 9
 Click to SAVE CHANGES and you’re done!

How to test to make sure your Stripe gateway works correctly?

The instructions above have described how to set up your SupaDupa with your LIVE Stripe settings - which will have you ready to take real payments from customers. Before launching, we recommend you test this by placing a real card payment through yourself. You may choose to temporarily lower the price of one of your items for the duration of the test - to avoid making an unnecessarily large payment.
 Along with the live Stripe setup, Stripe also offers a test key which will allow you to run a test payment through the system. This will allow you to see receiving an order would work on SupaDupa - showing how an order would appear and be managed through the Orders section of your back office, along with being able to preview the notification emails that are sent. Using the test key will allow you to test all of this without actually making a real card payment - instead, you can use the test details shown below. To use test mode, simply follow the steps in this article - but use the test key from Stripe instead. Be sure to change from the test key to the live stripe key once you are ready to take real payments from customers.
 At the checkout use the following Test card numbers to place test orders using different card types.
 Test orders will and appear in your ‘Orders’ tab which you can also use to simulate a test dispatch.
 Test orders will not affect your stock quantity.
 Test cards:

 American Express
 Diner's Club
 CVV: any 3 digits
 Expiry date: any date in the future

 How do I test specific error codes?
 Some suggestions:
 Use this special card number - 4000000000000002.
 Use a number that fails the Luhn check, e.g. 4242424242424241
 Use an invalid month e.g. 13
 Use a year in the past e.g. 1970
 Use a two digit number e.g. 99 

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