To accept payments via credit card, you have two options:

1. Use PayPal as your payment method, where customers do have the option to pay using their credit card once they get to PayPal to complete the purchase
2. Or Use a Payment Gateway, which will allow you to take credit card payments directly within the checkout. This option is a little more involved, as it does require you to sign up to a payment gateway such as Stripe, but does result in a smooth checkout experience. Please see our Payment Gateway article for more information.

Note that you can have both PayPal available as a payment option, as well as offering the ability to take credit card payments directly within your checkout, at the same time.

The following describes option 1 above: customers paying by Credit Card via PayPal....


The good news is, customers can choose to pay via Credit card if they do not have a PayPal account.

SupaDupa uses PayPal to process your customers payments for you because it is the easiest way for our SupaDupa members to set up a facility which allows them to receive payments.

Using PayPal does not limit your customers to pay exclusively via their PayPal account.
Depending on their region your customer will have a selection of different credit cards with which to pay.

The following describes what a customer sees if they decide to pay using their credit card.

Step 1
The customer is in the checkout and clicks the Checkout using PayPal button

Step 2
The customers clicks on the "Don't have a PayPal account?" link

Step 3
Customer enter their billing details and selects the card type they wish to pay with from the drop-down provided.

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