(note: This is an article for the 'Old' Shipping setup process. If you opened your SupaDupa store after September 2013, please see our New Shipping Article)

Delivering your products to your customers involves shipping them to their required destination using your preferred shipping carrier, postal or dispatch service.
These shipping services charge different rates depending on what is being shipped and the type of service you choose to use.

SupaDupa allows its members to set their own Shipping rates to match up with the shipping requirements for products they sell.
You can decide to charge your customers to ship the goods they have ordered in two ways:

1. Price based Shipping Charges
The most common way to base your shipping charges is on the value of the order placed.
These are rates will be calculated at check and will vary according to how much your customer spends.
Using a PRICE based method for your shipping is useful in the case where you don't know the weight of your products and wish to charge shipping based on your customer's spending.
Price based shipping also allows you to charge free shipping for orders over a certain value.

2. Weight based Shipping Charges
You can charge your customers shipping which will be calculated on the basis of the overall weight of the products they have bought from you.
This is useful in the case of heavy or very light goods where the shipping rates you'll be charged by your carrier will be dependent on weight.

In this article we will cover how to set your store up with either or both these methods.

Let's start with:

Price based Shipping

Step 1
Go to your Shipping Tax & Shipping panel which can be found under SHOP SETTINGS tab > SHIPPING
You will now be able to see all the Regions you can ship to.

Step 2
Click on the region you want to set the shipping rates for and you will reveal all of its enclosed countries

Step 3
Tick the region (in this example, 'Europe')...
and , untick any countries you may want to exclude. (in this example, Bulgaria is excluded)

Step 4
To apply price based shipping click on the 'ADD PRICE BASED CHARGE' button.
You will notice a corresponding blue row appear just under the Region row with the first 'Shipping Method Name' text box highlighted.

We will now concentrate on filling in the row in blue.
This row show us the Shipping name - this can be any name you identify with the method you enter e.g. Royal Mail or United States Postal Service, UPS, Fedex or whichever suits.

Step 5
Next we will enter our first price range and the shipping charge that will be applied to it.
In this example we start with orders whose value is £0 to £10 will pay £1.50 towards shipping.

Step 6
Continue to add pricing rows to your region incrementing the price bands for each with corresponding shipping costs.
Your price bands will look something like this.

£0 - £10 - You charge £1.5
£10 - £30 - You charge £3.00
£30 - £60 - You charge £6.00
£60 - £100 - You charge £7.50
£100 - £5000 - You charge £0

Please note that in this example FREE SHIPPING is offered to all order above £100 (and up to £5000)

You have now finished applying your shipping rates to the entire Region of Europe - be sure to click the 'Save Changes' green button at the top of the screen to save your pricing settings.

If you want to charge a different rate of shipping for delivery to a specific country say, France, you can do so by repeating step 6 but applying it to the country of your choice.

Scroll down to find the country you wish to set the shipping rates for and click on the ADD PRICE BASED CHARGES from within its row.
Be careful to ensure that you are adding the country specific charges to the selected row.

Apply what we have learned from creating price based shipping bands.

and repeat to make up a full set of price bands.
Your rows should look something like this:

When you are done, SAVE CHANGES

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