(note: This is an article for the 'Old' Shipping setup process. If you opened your SupaDupa store after September 2013, please see our New Shipping Article)

In a previous article we described how to set up price based shipping rates for your store.

In this article you will learn how to set up weight based shipping for your store and create a state specific override where shipping or postal rates differ within a country or region.

Please note:
If you are using Weight base shipping, it is important to ensure that all your products and their respective variations have a weight value assigned to them. Without it, your checkout will not be able to correctly calculate the combined weight of all the items being ordered.

Click to open your shipping rates, you can find these under SHOP SETTINGS / SHIPPING

All the steps required to set up price based shipping are identical to applying price based shipping charges with the exception of using the 'Add WEIGHT BASED CHARGE' button instead of the 'Add PRICE BASED CHARGE' button.

1. Tick the region you want to apply the weight based shipping rates to (in this example it's the United States)

2. Click the 'Add WEIGHT BASED CHARGE' button located in the same row.
You should now see a new pink row which can be filled in with your details.

3. Enter your first weight tier by giving it a name (this will appear for your reference when you pack and ship your items).

4. Enter the weight bracket to apply the charge to (in this example it is for orders that weight between 0Lb and 1Lb)

5. Enter the fee you wish to charge for delivering this weight of package using the delivery method you have chosen. (in this example $4.50)

6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 to build up your weight based shipping tiers - see the screenshot below.

7. Click the green 'Save Changes' button at the top of the page to save your changes.

How to apply a Sub region or state specific shipping override?

Simply repeat steps 2 to 6 and apply the tiers to the sub region or state row.

Please note that your customer will always see the lowest shipping cost at the checkout. This means that if your country wide shipping is lower than your sub region or state shipping, your customer will see the country shipping tariff.

In the example below the override has been applied to the State of California which is a sub region of United States.

When a customer places an order whose total weight is between 0Lb and 1Lb they will now be charged $3.75 (not $4.5 as would have been the case before the state override was applied).

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