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Domain Name Guide: Google Domains
Domain Name Guide: Google Domains
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If you've purchased your domain through Google Domains, follow these steps to point your domain to your SupaDupa store:

1. Click the DNS icon for the domain you wish to configure

​2. Scroll to the 'Custom resource records' section and add your records
Configure these settings according to the screenshot below. Note that you'll want to ensure you have any other forwards in the sections above deleted.

An 'A' record for @ (origin) with the IP address:

A 'CNAME' record for 'www' with the host:

3. Add your domains to your SupaDupa backoffice 'Domains section'

You'll want to add the 'www' and the non-www versions of your domain, and then select the one which you would like as your default domain.

Any questions? Get in touch! Be sure to have read our 'Domain Overview' article for the general overview and notes on how we can help you with this.

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