Anonymising customer data

Supporting the 'right to forget' for your customers

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In compliance with the new personal data privacy laws brought in by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), SupaDupa now supports the Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’) directive. 

You can now honour any such requests you receive from you Customers by anonymising all their personal data in a few easy steps. 

SupaDupa does not directly support customer accounts, thus a 'Customer' in this context is based on a unique email address that may be tied to one or more orders you have received from the requester.

Here's how the process works:

1: Login into your SupaDupa account then head over to your orders page.

2: Find an order that belongs to the requester

Tip: You can do an order search using the email address to quickly see all orders that have been placed by a specific Customer.  

3: Click on one of the orders in the list to view the order details.

4: Under the customer details section
click 'Anonymize Customer' as shown below

5: On the Anonymize Customer page
You will see a full list of all the orders the Customer has placed with you. 

You now have 2 choices,

  • Click on [Anonymise this customer] to proceed or,

  • Click on the [Cancel] button to return to the order details page.

6: When you click on [Anonymise this customer]
You see the following confirmation screen:

  • Click on [Yes, continue] to Anonymise the customer.

7: And that's it. 

The order now appears like this in the order list:

and the order details page will look like this:

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