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How to add a Cookie Notice banner to your site
How to add a Cookie Notice banner to your site
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SupaDupa places cookies on visitors’ browsers to help your site run effectively, provide the best experience for your visitors and help you learn more about traffic to your site. 

Certain laws may require website owners to inform their visitors of cookies placed by their website and to receive visitors’ consent to use certain types of cookies. On your site, you can:

  • Add a cookie banner to inform visitors about your site's cookies.

  • Restrict analytics cookies until they've clicked Continue on your cookie banner. 


Enabling the Cookie Notice banner 

Follow these steps to activate your built in cookie notice banner. 


Click on the Enable cookie banner toggle - shown below

3. Customise your notice settings

  • Position
    where you want the message to be displayed.

  • Message
    The message you want to be shown. This will be filled with a suggested message automatically. You are able to edit it if you wish.

  • Dismiss Button Text
    The button the customer clicks to accept the cookie notice.

  • Link Text
    Auto filled with learn more . Customisable to say “learn more” or “find out more”.

  • Link url
    Add a link to direct the users to the privacy policy on your website.  

  • Cookie Banner Theme
    Select the colour scheme you would like for the cookie notice banner. 

4. Click Save Changes. 


Preview the banner 

  1. You cannot preview the Cookie Notice within the backend of SupaDupa. 

  2. Instead visit your homepage as your customer would and refresh the page so you can preview the banner. 

  3. If you are happy with how it looks, you are all done! 

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