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Using a Page for your Homepage
Using a Page for your Homepage
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By default, your homepage will show the 'Home' collection. To organise the products shown, including the order of the products, please see our 'How can I edit my homepage' article.

Thanks to our powerful Pages Builder, you also have the option to use any one of your pages, as your homepage. This means you can build a Page, be as creative as you like, and have that specific Page used as your homepage. Interested? Setting a Page as your homepage is as simple as enabling the relevant toggle from the Pages List, as shown below:

You can switch the Page used as your homepage at anytime. If you'd like to return to the default homepage (which shows the Home collection), then simply be sure that no Pages have 'Use as homepage' toggled on.

Note: When using a page as your homepage, the banners that you upload within the Design section, will not show. This is because you have opted to use a page instead of the content that would show otherwise (which would include these banners). Instead, upload your banners as a slider block to your newly created page.

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