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Working with the Text Block
Working with the Text Block
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The Text Block is the primary means of adding text to your site. Text blocks can be used to add headings, content, pre-formatted text, lists and tables. From the Add Block panel above, the Text Block appears first. There are two ways you can add text to a block: either by copy and pasting from an external source, or directly clicking into and typing text into the text area. There are a range of options for the text block, which include:

Step 3: Text formatting
To format text, use the Text Block Editor to apply or remove any formatting

Select a ‘Heading Type’ from the drop down menu. When writing a paragraph, switch back to ’Normal’.

Bold. Italic. Underline. Strike through.
Click the bold (B), italic (I) or underline (U) icon to highlight text.

To strike a line through text, then click the strikethrough (S) option.

Link / Unlink
To create a link simply:

1) Highlight the text you want to link
2) Click the link icon
3) Enter the URL
4) Under the Target tab, select whether you would the link to open in the current tab or new tab
5) Finally, click OK

Click the table icon and complete the table properties such and rows columns and spacing

Horizontal lining
Click the horizontal line break icon to add a line to your text.

Increase / Decrease Line indent
Click the indent and un-indent icons to text and create inserted lists.

To number or bullet a list, simply:

1) Create a list
2) Highlight the text
3) Click the number list or the bullet point list icon

Undo Redo
Click the Undo and Redo arrows to un-action or reaction the previous step.

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