Your Home page is in fact a 'Collection' called "Home".

So to affect what is being displayed on your home page you can simply edit the products you have listed for your "Home" Collection. So to do this, simply go ahead and follow the steps listed below:

 Step 1
 Log in into your SupaDupa admin
 Step 2
 Click on the Collections tab
 See below:

 Step 3
 Go into the home collection by clicking on the black text 'home', seen next to the purple tab.
 See below:

You will now see all the products you have displayed on your home page listed in the middle of the page.

You can do any of the following:

A/. Delete the products you want to remove from the home page 


B/. Re-order their positions by dragging and dropping the rows into position.

 Step 4
 You can also auto re-order the product positions using the Sort drop down located on the right.

 Step 5
 Click Save changes!

 That's it - products have been organised

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