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Banner vs Logo - What is the difference?
Banner vs Logo - What is the difference?
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A logo is your brand logo or mark identified with your brand or even just your brand name in a select font in some cases. Your logo will appear the the top of your boutique on all pages.

SupaDupa Banners appear on your home page. They are big images that you can create yourself and use to promote collections, products or any special offers you have running. You might often use banners to announce a new product or range of products, add a seasonal message to your boutique, or as another place to re-enforce what your brand stands for in a visual way.

If you come from Etsy, you may be particularly confused by our use of the terms. In Etsy, your "banner" was a single image that you attached to your shop and functioned as your logo. On SupaDupa, your Logo is an image at the top of all of your pages containing your shop name, and on SupaDupa Banners are a series of big images used to promote things within your boutique.

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