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Why can't I delete or hide one of my collections?
Why can't I delete or hide one of my collections?
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First, some background which may help clarify this question:

There are two Collections 'Home' and 'All Products' which are a fixed part of any shop.

Unlike any other *new Collection* you create they can both be renamed but neither can be deleted.

The 'Home' collection serves to organise the group of products that is shown on your home page.

The 'All products' collection simply shows all the products in your shop in one place.

If you can not hide or delete one of your collections or if it seems to appear in the wrong place you may have in fact renamed your (former) 'Home' collection to e.g. 'Earrings' (or whatever name you have chosen) and since it has a fixed position as part of the main navigation it does not appear as part of the main Collection list in your shop.

This is very easily fixed.

1. Rename your former 'Home' collection e.g. 'Earrings' to 'Home' (this can in fact be any name you give it but be aware that it appears as part of the main navigation of your shop.

2. Create a new collection e.g. 'Earrings' - this will appear together with any other collections you create.
(Adding products to a collection can be done in the normal way and covered in the following article:

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