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Why is my Home Page Empty?
Why is my Home Page Empty?
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How do you add products to your homepage?

Your homepage is controlled using a special "Home" Collection. You need to add products to your Home collection for them to display on your Boutique.

To add Products to your home page:

1/. Log in to your boutique admin

2/. Click on "Collections" at the top

3/. Click "Search" to see a complete list of your products, or type in a term to search for then click search.

4/. Click "Add" next to each of the products you would like to add to your home page.

Also see: How to re-arrange your home page.

Also note: There is a shortcut you can use when adding a new product - there is a "Collections" box on the New Product and Edit Product pages that allows you to quickly tick between all of your collections.

Also note: If you want to just make your home page one big image without displaying any products at all, you can do that using our "Banners" feature.

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