Duplicating or copying a product's information is an efficient way to create more similar products.

This is often the case if you are creating a series of products that share many of the same attributes but choose to vary only one or two of the attributes very slightly e.g. colour or title.

Say you had a series of T-shirts whose only differentiating attribute was its colour with all other attributes, say sizing permutations, type of cotton used, general brand description etc. were exactly the same from one product to the next. Why have to re-write everything for each colour when you could just 'Duplicate' the product and change only the colour description and the image used?

The technique described below will save you time and effort when enetering many products that share the same attributes.

SupaDupa provides a very easy way for you to duplicate a product you have already created.
Please note that the duplicate function will copy all of the product's information across to the new product with the exception of its images.
It's then up to you to change whatever information is pertinent to the new product, upload a new image and click to save.
You can repeat this as many times as you need to.

Step 1
Select the product you wish to duplicate from your product list

How to duplicate a product to create another

Step 2
From within the product edit screen click on the DUPLICATE button

How to duplicate a product to create another

Step 3
Amend any of the information to describe the new product you are creating

How to duplicate a product to create another

Step 4
Upload a new image
Click to save.

You're done!

How to duplicate a product to create another
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