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How can I change my product order
How can I change my product order
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To change the product order of your collection, simply go ahead and:

Step 1
Log into your SupaDupa admin

Step 2
Click on the the Collections tab
See below:

Step 3
Go into the collection you would like to organise
See below:

Now, if your view your products in list view, follow step 4 and step 6.
If you view your products in grid view go to step 5 and then step 6

Step 4 - Product List View
a) If you view your products in the product list format, then click on the cross icon seen on the left hand side of each product listed in the collection.
See below:

b) Drag and drop the product row into the correct product order for your live store.

In this example, we've moved the 'Cherick jeans' to the top of the list and will be the first product listed in the Jeans collection. See below:

Steo 5 - Product Grid View
If you list your products in the product grid view format, then simply hover your mouse over the product you would like to move so it becomes green. Click on the cross icon and drag the item into order.
See below:

Step 6
Click to save changes.

That's it - your products have have been moved!

You can do this for all collections include the Home and All products page.

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