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How to add banners to the home page
How to add banners to the home page
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The Banner slideshow feature is available on the Professional plan and above. SupaDupa Banners can appear on your home page and on your collection pages too! In this article, we'll go through how to add banners to your homepage using the Design tool. (To add banners to your collections, please check out our support article: How To Add Banners To Your Collection)

To add banners to the homepage, simply go ahead and:

1. Log into your SupaDupa admin

2. Click on the Design tab. See below:

3. From here, click on the pencil icon. See below:

4. Turn off the 'Use filler content' so it becomes grey. You should notice your store is now visible within the preview section. See below:

5. Click on the Banners toggle so it becomes green. See below:

6. Click on the Upload banners button and select your banner from the file it is saved in. See below:

7. Finally click Save changes. see below:

That's it - you're done!

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