When you first set up your store you might not want the whole world to see it until you're ready for its' grand unveiling. That's why we have provided the ability to enable the Splash Page.

The Splash page allows you as the store owner to password protect your store. This limits access to it for anyone who has not been given your store's Splash page password.

Anyone visiting your store will see something like this:

How to password protect your own store in Private Mode 1

To activate your password protected Splash Page, simply go ahead and:

1. Log into your SupaDupa admin

2. Click on the Settings tab and choose Shop

3. From here, scroll the very bottom to the Splash Page field

4. Click on the Enable splash page toggle so it becomes green and enter a splash page password. See below:

5. Click Save changes.

That's it - your store is password protected!

(If you want to customise your password protected page then just click on the 'Customise your launch page' button and have a play with our Pages tool!)

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