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Vacation / Holiday mode
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If you are running your Boutique on your own and are going away on Vacation or Holiday then you may want to notify people coming to your Boutique that order dispatch may be delayed until you get back.
SupaDupa does not have an official "Vacation mode" feature just yet, although we may introduce one in future.
Until then, if you want to inform your customers there will be delays fulfilling their orders then you have several choices. You could do any or all of these:

  • Add a banner to your Homepage that informs your visitors that you will be away and orders will be shipped upon your return or by a specific date.

  • Edit your product descriptions to add a vacation message to each one

  • Edit your Shop Tagline/Description in Shop Settings with a vacation message. Your Tagline will display in the checkout, and depending on your theme your tagline and/or description may also display on your boutique.

  • Edit your About + Contact pages to include an away/vacation message.

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