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Images not showing in Internet Explorer
Images not showing in Internet Explorer
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If your images are not showing or loading correctly in Internet Explorer, and the following are ALL statements you agree with, please see the notes below (if any of these statements are NOT correct, this does NOT apply to you):

  • You are using Microsoft Windows

  • You use Internet Explorer as your web browser

  • You see a square with a red X in it in place of your images in Internet Explorer

  • Your images DO load and show correctly when you try your site using Mozilla FireFox or any other browser

  • ALL other images on the Internet work for you (e.g,

This may be caused if your images are saved with a CMYK color profile instead of an RGB color profile.
CMYK color profiles are used for print media, RGB color profiles should be used for the Internet. Please re-save your created images and re-upload them with the same file format (.jpg, .png, etc) but with a RGB color profile instead. This should be an option in your graphics/photo editing software.

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