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Image Uploading - Common Issues
Image Uploading - Common Issues
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SupaDupa is used on a lot of different computers and occasionally people have difficulty uploading Product Photos, Logos or Banners. These are some common questions and issues that arise.

When I click on the Upload Photo button nothing happens

This may be because the Flash player on your computer failed to initialize, has crashed, is not installed, or has another issue. It could be any of these things that are the issue, we don't know. The following solutions in this order however should get to you a working image upload again:

  1. First thing to try is rebooting your computer. That is, turning it completely off (NOT STANDBY/POWER SAVE MODE!) and turning it back on again. Any temporary issues with your browser will usually be cleared by this. Try again after turning your computer back on.

  2. If #1 does not work, try clearing the Cache (Temporary Internet Files) in your browser. (this page has some good instructions for how to do that if you are not sure).

  3. Try logging out of SupaDupa and logging back in again.

  4. Try using an alternative browser - for example, if using Internet Explorer at the moment, you could try using Firefox or Chrome instead.

  5. If that does not work, try re-installing your Flash player. You can do that from this page. After re-installing your flash player go back to step 1 and try all these things again in order.

Please try all of the steps above BEFORE contacting support, we will just advise with the same things.

I see a square with a red [x] on top of the Upload Photo button and the button doesn't work

Same as above. The Flash Player on your computer failed to initialize, has crashed, is not installed, or has another issue. Please see the notes above for some suggested ways to resolve.

Can I upload from an iPad/iPhone?

No, at this time it is not possible to upload Photos, Logos or Banners from an iPad or iPhone. This is due to the mobile browser on these devices being intentionally crippled by the manufacturer.

Image colour looks dull or different from what I was expecting

This happens when the "color profile" of the uploaded image being incorrect or not ideal for use on the web.

More specifically, when you export images for web use - say from Photoshop or Aperture, the best way to guarantee consistent rendering & display is to export it with the sRGB (Internet Standard RGB) color profile.

Update your post-production settings:

The 'Color Space' in which your images are worked/exported will affect the way they look on screen.

To ensure you have the correct color profile for all your exports, it is strongly recommended that you set the correct color profiles for any images you take into your post-production tools as soon as you open them.

Aperture calls it 'Proof Mode' (I think) and in Photoshop it's 'Proof Set Up' (found under the 'View Menu') which will affect the on-screen colour gamuts.

Both of these should be set for 'Internet Standard RGB (sRGB)' - which will render the on-screen preview in a way that complies with sRGB screens (all monitors, phones, tablets, etc) - result being that the output file looks the same as it does within the app.

Resolving the issue
Simply re-export the images with the sRGB color profile (as described above) using your favourite photo editing tool then upload the new images to replace the affected images.

In future, our systems will automatically convert any uploaded images into the sRGB format. 

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