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Can I import all my products from a .CSV file?
Can I import all my products from a .CSV file?
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If you are accustomed to working with a spreadsheet you may want to create all of your products en batch using Excel or any other spreadsheet application. You can then save your file in .CSV format and upload it in one go to your shop.
 This can be particularly useful if you have a large product catalogue or if your products carry an unusually large number of variables.
 The simple process of importing from a .CSV file is described below:

Importing your products from another platform

In this example, let's say you are coming from Shopify

To do so is easy:

  1. In your back office go to the Products  section

  2. Click on the Import Products at the top right corner

  3. Select the import from Shopify  option

  4. Browse and upload your .CSV file

Once complete you will receive an email telling you that your products have been uploaded and you can carry on editing your products and adding product images as per normal via the back office.

The SupaDupa CSV format

If you are not coming from another platform for which we have a ready-made importer, you'll need to manually construct the CSV in the SupaDupa format. The example CSV file available for download below will hopefully demonstrate what you need to go going. Within is contained an example of 3 products, which each have a few variations, a few images, and belong to collections which are also contained. 

To have multiple products of yours inserted into the same collection, specify the same collection name and handle for each. Upon importing each product, a new collection will be created for each product, unless it can find a match.

An example SupaDupa Product CSV file be downloaded here.

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