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Adding a video to your homepage
Adding a video to your homepage
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Please note: The steps detailed below require you to be on a selected paid plan as it involves pasting code into your theme. Please be sure you are careful when modifying the theme templates as we can only provide limited support for custom changes.

Adding a video to your homepage can be done via advanced customisation. To do this, you'll first need to host your video on a service like YouTube or Vimeo. Then, you can simply embed the code provided to you by these services into the 'home' template within the advanced customisation area of the Design section.

For this example, we'll be adding a video to replace the homepage banner. You do however, have the option to add a video anywhere within this page and will therefore need to be familiar with HTML and liquid programming in order to embed the video in the right area of code.

To add a video to your homepage, go ahead and:

1. Click on Design from within your back office and choose the advanced customisation tab which is represented by a spanner icon. See below:

2. Turn off the filler content toggle so it becomes grey and click in the ‘home’ template
See below:

3. To replace the homepage banner you'll need to locate the banner tag <!--{% banners %}—>
See below:

4. Get the embed code for your video which should appear like this:

<iframe width="939" height="528" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

See below for a YouTube example:

5. If necessary, adjust the the height by using the auto update in the embed snippet options, or you’ll need to calculate this yourself. See below:

6. Paste in the embed code directly underneath the banner tag: <!--{% banners %}--> and just before the <div> tag. See below:

7. Finally, Save changes and that’s it - you're done

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