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How can I change my Background Image in my Theme?
How can I change my Background Image in my Theme?
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At this time it is not possible to change the background image of your web pages. All of our themes are designed to minimise visual clutter so as to really show off your product images, and we feel that these should be your area of focus. Branding for your boutique can come heavily from your Logo and Banners, take a look at our Showcase on our main website to see examples of other people are doing.

If you still really want to add a background image to your theme then you will be pleased to hear about our planned HTML/CSS editing feature. We will be launching HTML/CSS customisation in future that will allow you to edit your HTML/CSS code if you know how and this can be used to add background images to your pages.

No need to email in to ask when this will be available - just follow us on Facebook + Twitter and we'll announce it as soon as it is ready.

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