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SupaDupa has launched significant steps towards responsive themes. This will be in the form of a mobile optimised theme which is now available for all of our stores. This mobile specific theme takes precedent over your desktop theme when customers browse your store on smartphones and tablet.

To see it in action now, simply visit your store from your smart phone (iPhone, Android phone, iPad etc).
This mobile theme is not only mobile friendly (thus fully pleasing Google's criteria), but mobile optimised and so we strongly encourage it for everyone!

What To Do Next?

To check your store is mobile friendly, please go ahead and run your website through the mobile-friendly test tool

By default, mobile friendly stores have now been enabled for everyone on the platform.
This means your store will automatically detect when it is being browsed on a mobile device and switch to mobile mode to include touch and swipe gestures. Your products and page content will auto-magically be resized for a superior experience, tailor made for customers on the move so it's highly recommended!

Example of on mobile:

How To Disable Mobile Store

For those who want to keep with their normal theme on mobile for any reason (perhaps you've had your store customised to be responsive already for example), then there will be an option to disable it.
To do this from within your SupaDupa admin, simply go ahead and:

1. Click on Settings and choose Shop
2. Visit the Mobile friendly store field, seen at the bottom of the page
3. Click on the Enable mobile and Enable tablet store toggle so they becomes grey
4. Click Save changes.

To clarify a point: the mobile only theme will look and function as it does in the example - albeit with your logo, banners, products etc. It is not customisable. This addition to the platform will mean that every store is immediately mobile optimised, without needing to change their theme. That said, as you will all be well aware - new themes are in the works, which will of course have a matching mobile counterpart - and be customisable.

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