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How to import your BigCartel product listing into SupaDupa?
How to import your BigCartel product listing into SupaDupa?
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Importing your products from BigCartel is supper easy.

Simply go ahead and:

Step 1
Log into your SupaDupa admin

Step 2
Click on the Products tab

Step 3
Click on the 'Import products' button seen in the top right hand corner of the page

Step 4
From here, choose the BigCartel importer

Step 5
Import all your BigCartel products by entering your store's URL and click 'Start import'

Step 6
After a few minutes you should see a progress bar indicating that the data is being processed.

You may already have some products you previously uploaded, that’s ok, you will not overwrite any of them by importing new ones. SupaDupa also knows whether you already have existing listings in your catalogue already.

Once the process is complete you will receive a notification message telling you how many products were imported.

That's it You can now organise your new products into collections which you can do from within your collections tab.

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