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Can I import my products from Volusion?
Can I import my products from Volusion?
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You can import your products from Volusion but due to limitations in the provided CSV, and other differences between Volusion and the SupaDupa platform - there are a few caveats. Please compare your products after import and get in touch if you have any questions.


- Collections (categories) are not imported.
This means all products will be imported as belonging only to the 'All Products' collections.

- Only the main product image is imported.
If you have multiple images for your product, these would need to be uploaded independently.

To obtain your Products CSV from Volusion:

1. Enter your Volusion store backend and select 'Import/Export' from the 'Inventory' menu

2. Select the 'Standard Export' tab

3. Select 'Products' from the 'Export From' dropdown menu

4. Click 'Check All' as we want all columns included in the CSV file

5. Select 'CSV' from the 'File Format' dropdown and leave the other two checkboxes unticked

6. Click the orange 'Download' button on the right hand side once the export file is ready

To import your Products CSV into SupaDupa:

1. Enter your SupaDupa store backend and head to the Products section

2. Click the 'Import Products' button and select the 'Volusion' option

3. Upload your CSV, then click the 'Save & Upload' button to begin the import process!

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