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How to add a product to sell
How to add a product to sell
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Adding products to your SupaDupa store is easy. Follow this 2 min video that demonstrates a few simple steps to selling your own products online from scratch. From this video, you will learn how to start selling online.

Video not helpful? Simply go ahead and follow the steps listed below:

Step 1
Log into your SupaDupa admin

Step 2
Click on the Products tab

Step 3
Click on Add product

Step 4 - Product Details.
From here, complete the first field 'Edit product' by:

a. Selecting a *Product type from the drop down menu.
b. Adding a product *Name
c. Writing a product *Description
d. Adding your *SEO Keywords
e. Adding your *Shop search words

Step 5 - Product Variations
The next section to focus on is the 'Product variations' field by,

a. Entering the *Price and *Stock Qty which are mandatory fields. All other fields are completely optional
b. To add a new variation, click on 'Add another variation' and complete the fields again.
(The variations will appear as a drop down menu within your live store)

Step 6 - Shipping Tariffs
Now, before you can assign your products to a Shipping tariff, you'd want to first set your shipping fees. If you haven't done so already, check out our support article New Shipping to find our more.

Alternatively, you can easily continue adding your product and simply assign your shipping tariffs at a later point. There are tools available allowing you to quickly batch edit all your products and assign them to shipping presets.

That said, if you have already created your shipping presets, then simply assign your product by selecting the preset name from the drop down menu, as shown by point (.a) in the screenshot below.

Step 7 - Collections
If you haven't created your *Collections, then feel free to check out our support article How to add a collection.
Again, don't worry if you haven't, we can do this part at a later point too and easily assign your products accordingly.

Alternatively, if you have, then go ahead and select your collection by selecting the collection name so it's highlighted in green, as shown by point (.a) in the screenshot below.

Step 8
Upload your product images by either dragging and dropping the images directly from your desktop.
Otherwise, hit the 'Upload images' button, select your image from the file and watch them upload.

Step 9
a. Click Save changes
b. Click Preview - you'll be taken to this product page where you can see how your product looks like in your online store.

That's it - you're done!

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