Overselling Products
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When adding your product variations to your product, you may have noticed the 'Oversell' toggle.

The oversell option is used in a case where you would like a product to be available for purchase when a zero stock quantity has been reached.

If the 'oversell' toggle is activated then this means the item will continue to sell and instead the stock quantity will be noted as a negative figure once you it's reached zero.

If the 'oversell' toggle is deactivated, your products will be stated as 'Sold out' in your live store.

If you would like customers to reach out to you when an item does become sold out, simply leave your contact email and number within the product description.

It's always handy to have a few 'bonus items' set as SOLD OUT. It creates an urgency for shoppers to browse your store for other cool new products before others get there first. Just set your stock quantity to zero and watch your product transform to being a top sell out!

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