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How can I monitor traffic coming to my shop?
How can I monitor traffic coming to my shop?

Setting up Google Analytics and Adwords tracking via shop settings

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If you wish to monitor the traffic to your site you can set up a Google analytics account which will offer you invaluable insight as to where your key audiences are browsing from.

Once you have set up your Google Analytics account, you can enter the code in the text box provided in your Shop Settings. To do this, simply go ahead and:

  1. Log into your SupaDupa admin

  2. Click on the Settings tab and choose Shop

  3. Scroll down to the 'Google Analytics & AdWords' field

  4. Enter your Google Analytics code e.g. UA-12345678-1

That's it - you're done!

Please note that this feature is completely optional.

Optional. If you would like to track visitors to your boutique, you can do so using Google Analytics, a free service from Google. Click Here to get an account. Once you've signed up, copy your profile ID which looks something like this: UA-12345678-1.

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