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Add links to your store banners
Add links to your store banners
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Prime your banners with new buying opportunities by adding a simple link.
Almost 2 in every 3 shops forgets to prime their most valuable (above the fold) screen real-estate with a linkable banner and call to action that creates a new buying opportunity by linking customers to a product or collection page.

In this article you will learn how to links your banners via the Design section and also via Collections.

To add a link to your home page banners via the Design section, simply go ahead and watch our support video below:

To add a link to your collection banners, simply go ahead and:

1. Log into your SupaDupa admin

2. Click on the Collections tab

3. Go into a collection

4. Click the 'Settings Cog icon'

5. Upload a banner

6. Hover your mouse over the banner so it becomes green and click on the settings cog seen in the top right corner of the banner.

7. Copy the URL for the page you want to link to and paste the URL in the link box.
Once done, click Apply

8. Click Save changes

Your banner now links to the page you set for it when clicked.

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