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Setting a 'Vacation Mode'
Setting a 'Vacation Mode'
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Is there a way to set your SupaDupa store on 'Vacation Mode'?

There is no 'Vacation Mode' setting on SupaDupa.

Quite the contrary!
It is considered best practice not to pause or hide your shop and stock but to allow your customers to continue browsing your store and place orders while you are away as long as they are made aware that their orders will only be dispatched on your return.

You can do this by uploading a banner which will serve as a notice to your customers advising them when might their orders be dispatched.

Setting the right expectation is key!
It's the web after all and it stays open all the time.

Here are two excellent examples of 'Vacation notices':

vacation mode banner Anthony Oram

The banner up close:

Vacation Mode banner - anthony oram

...and another example here:

Vacation Mode - Jezebel Charmes

The banner up close:

Vacation Mode banner Jezebel Charmes
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