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How can I offer bulk purchase discounts or offers on products?
How can I offer bulk purchase discounts or offers on products?
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SupaDupa has a coupon code feature, which allows customers to redeem coupon you've created and handed out, to save on orders placed on your store. But what if you're wanting to offer bulk purchase discounts as standard, to encourage or better support larger orders?

Here are three solutions we've seen our store owners use, which may work for you:

As a separate product - let's say you sell cards and want to offer a cheaper price to those who buy a batch. You could list each card individually (e.g Easter Bunny card), while also having a separate product called 'Pack of 10 Easter Bunny cards' - with the pack of having a cheaper total than what buying 10 individual units would come to.

As separate product variations - Alternatively, you could have your product 'Easter Bunny card', and then offer the multi-packs as variations. That being: 'Pack of 3', 'Pack of 10' etc - which would have a price cheaper than if the customer was to purchase a higher quantity of the individual card.

Through a coupon mention on the page - A potential downside to usual coupon usage, is the need to get the coupon code into the hands of a customer. If you have a coupon such as "10% off if you buy at least 5 items", then you have the coupon code mentioned in the product description, or even in a fixed location on every page - serving the purpose of offering bulk discounts, while providing an extra incentive to your customer.

Do these not work for you? Do you any questions or suggestions? Get in touch!

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