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Can I limit how much a customer spends with me?
Can I limit how much a customer spends with me?
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Can you limit the value of the order a customer places with you?
Suprising as it seems, you may want to limit the value size of orders placed in your store.
This may be because your shipping insurance only covers you to a certain level, or, for any other reason.


Yes you can limit your customer's spend to a value of your choice.
In this example let's assume that you would like to limit the customer spend to $1000.

All you would have to do is ensure that the last row of your shipping tariffs stops at $1000

Now, anyone who tries to place an order that exceeds $1000 will not be able to go past the Checkout.

It is important to note that your customer will not see a message explaining why they are prevented from doing so. (as this may be different for any of our members).

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