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Domain Name Guide: 123-Reg (Subdomain)
Domain Name Guide: 123-Reg (Subdomain)
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how do I set up a sub-domain on

This article explains how you can make your SupaDupa Boutique accessible on a subdomain, for example, if you have a website "" which has a blog and some articles, and you would like to setup your SupaDupa Boutique as "", read this article.


Choose your domain and click manage in the main 123-reg interface.


Now on domain manger, click "Manage DNS".


Scroll down to section "A, CNAME and TXT records".

In the box below the "Add new entry" heading, do the following:

1) In the first box, type in your sub-domain WITHOUT including the rest of your domain. For example, if you want to use "", put exactly "store" in the first box.

2) In the middle drop down, select "CNAME".

3) In the box on the right, type in exactly: "" (with trailing period(!)).

4) Click the "Update DNS" button when done.


Ok, now for the easy bit.
Return to your SupaDupa boutique administration and go to the domains section located in Shop Setting tab / Domains.

Click the green button to add a ‘NEW DOMAIN’.
Type in the sub-domain and full domain you wish to add e.g.

Click the button to SAVE CHANGES.
You will be returned to the domains list where you should now click the Radio button to set the default domain name for your boutique.

Now, click the SAVE DEFAULT button.

Phewwww, you’re all done!

Your domain should now be pointing at your boutique so you can now be able to go directly to it by typing it into your address bar in your browser.

If it does not work immediately, give it 48 hours after which check that you have followed these steps correctly.

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