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How do I link to my Pinterest page?
How do I link to my Pinterest page?
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Using the 'You on the web' web links in your back office you can link to your Pinterest page as follows:

In your back office:

1. Go to your 'Marketing' tab

2. Click on 'You on the web'

3. Enter your Pinterest Username in the text box provided

4. Click to save changes.

A link to your Pinterest page will now appear on your site in the main navigation.

Pinterest Verification

You can also verify your SupaDupa store with Pinterest. Simply visit this page and follow the guide. Once you have your Pinterest Verification code, copy and paste the provided it into the 'Pinterest verificiation code' field within your SupaDupa store backend. You can find this within the 'You on the web' section, under the 'Marketing' tab. Hit Save Changes and head back to your Pinterest account to verify.

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