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Testing your store using credit cards via test transactions
Testing your store using credit cards via test transactions
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To test to see how your checkout would work with a credit card gateway you can use the 'Test Gateway'.

The Test Gateway will allow you to simulate what a customer would see when they use credit cards to make payments in your store. You should use the Test Gateway if you wish to experience the full order placement process (this is what a typical customer would see and do when placing an order in your store). You can then fulfil and dispatch the test order to see what you as the Shopkeeper would see in the 'Orders' section of your back office when you receive a real order.

Use the following to simulate normal transactions through your checkout.

At the Checkout, use the following test Credit card numbers:

Test Credit card numbers:
1’ Will simulate a successful transaction
2’ Will simulate a failed transaction
3’ Will simulate a gateway Exception (e.g. Gateway is down or unavailable)

CSV: Use any 3 digit number (e.g. 111, 123)
Expiry Date: Any date in the future will work (e.g. 12 2019)

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