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Braintree payment gateway setup instructions
Braintree payment gateway setup instructions
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To set up payments through the Briantree Credit Card Payment Gateway:
 Braintree's Home page:
 1. First, set up your Braintree account:
 With Braintree, you will need two separate accounts:

 2. Login to your SupaDupa Back office and go to Shop SettingsShop
 3. Scroll down to the Credit Card Gateway section.
 4. Toggle to YES for Credit Card Gateway
 5. Select 'Braintree' from the drop down list of payment gateways
 6. Enter the following details in the corresponding spaces provided.
 These are your Braintree account details issued to you when you setup a Braintree account:

  • Merchant ID

  • Merchant Account ID (optional)

  • Public Key

  • Private Key

Obtaining your API key details from Braintree

To access your API keys for the production (live) environment, click on the settings cog at the top-right corner of the screen as shown below:

From here you'll see your API keys listed. Click 'View' for the 'Private Key' column which will take you to the full details page:

Now proceed to copy the public key, private key and merchant ID into your Braintree settings. From here, ensure you have 'test mode' disabled (assuming you are using production Braintree) details, then click to save changes!

 Please note:
 The credentials for the Live account and the Sandbox account are different, so please ensure you are using the right ones depending on whether you are configuring your account for testing or for live usage.
 Importantly: be sure your SupaDupa store currency matches the currency of your Braintree merchant account. As stated in the Braintree documentation, "each merchant account can only process a single currency".
 6. Click to SAVE CHANGES
 You’re done!
 Testing: making sure your Braintree gateway works correctly
 To verify that your Braintree payment gateway is set up correctly, we always recommend placing a real order through your checkout. This way you can confirm that everything is configured correctly and transactions are being processed as expected.
 However, if you simply want to simulate what your customers do at the checkout or just wish to familiarise yourself with how transactions are displayed within your newly created Braintree account, then we recommend using your sandbox settings and setting your Braintree gateway options to Test Mode.
 Test order which will simulate what your customers do at the checkout.
 Placing a Test Order In Test Mode:
 Once you have added your Sandbox credentials to your boutique and switched the Test Mode? toggle to YES, you can simply place an order though your boutique as per normal, using the test cards listed below.

  1. Proceed to add items to your basket and proceed to the checkout.

  2. At the checkout use one of the Test card numbers listed below.
     Be sure to select an appropriate card type that is supported by your Braintree merchant account.

  3. Enter any valid details into the Security Number, End Date and Name on Card fields

  4. Click on the Place Your Order button

  5. and that's it

Your test orders will and appear in your ‘Orders’ tab which you can also use to simulate a test dispatch.
For Test Card Details, see the Braintree 'Testing and Go Live' article.

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