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Every SupaDupa comes with a built in Blog, for which you can use our powerful pages editor to create your articles. By default, a link to your built-in blog will appear within your main menu. Visiting the blog section within your store, will link to the blog index, which lists all articles you have added for your store.

 To add a new article, simply click the 'New blog post' at the top left. This will take you to the Pages editor, where you can create your blog article by adding blocks. For more information on our Pages editor, be sure to reach all articles within the 'Pages Builder' section of the support center.

Enabling Comment support for your Blog

Thanks to Disqus, the commenting platform provider - enabling a powerful commenting system, is as simple as creating a free account at Disqus, and then pasting your Disqus URL into the settings area at the top of the Blog section of your SupaDupa back office.  Your Disqus URL can be seen in the URL bar of your Disqus admin section and will be in the format of:

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