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SupaDupa fully supports the USA Sales Tax system, and allows you to charge different tax rates for different states. If your store is based in America and need to charge Sales Tax to orders within your state, then this guide is for you.

If you have enabled tax, and VAT System disabled - then the tax will be added at checkout and will appear as a separate item, in addition to the price of each individual item.

To setup your tax rates:

  1. Go in to Shop Settings => Tax.

  2. Change "Charge Tax" to "Yes"

  3. Leave "VAT System" to "No"

  4. In the "United States" box, enter a Tax rate. This will cover every state by default. If you only want to charge Sales Tax for sales to one or two states, enter "0" in the box.

  5. Select a state from the Drop-Down on the right hand side. This will add a new row for that state which you may use to add a Tax Rate just for that state.

  6. Click "Save Changes" when you are happy with your settings.

Sales tax will be calculated and added to the cost of an order during the checkout, after the customer has entered their delivery address.

Hint: If most of your products are liable for Sales Tax, but some are not, then individual products can be made Tax Exempt by choosing the option on the Edit Product page.

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