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Adding Google AdWords Conversion Tracking
Adding Google AdWords Conversion Tracking
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SupaDupa supports presenting a code snippet on the Thank You page - a page the user is shown once an order has been placed. This allows you to use the order conversion code tracking provided by a range of providers.

In this article you will learn how to add your Google Adwords conversion tracking code to your SupaDupa admin.

Step 1
Log in to your Google Adwords account and copy the conversion code

Step 2
Log into your SupaDupa admin and click on the Settings tab and choose Shop

Step 3
From here, scroll down to the Google Analytics & AdWords section and paste in the tracking code into the 'Adwords conversion code' field.

Step 4
Finally, click save changes and that's it - you're done! Your tracking code has been added.
Now, to monitor your results you'll need to log into your Google Adwords account and review your tracking data from there.

We strongly recommend making a test purchase on your own store to check that this is working for you. Any questions, get in touch!

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