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How do I make my store live?
How do I make my store live?
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The minute you create a SupaDupa store - the store is 'live' and visitors can immediately visit your store. In almost every case, this is not a problem and perfectly recommended. After all, your store is brand new, there is no incoming traffic yet, and thus you have the ability to go about setting up your store, while being able to view it easily on the front end. So if you've added some products, selected a theme, and entered a payment method (such as PayPal), you are live and ready to take over the world!

That said, if you'd rather protect your store with a password while you get things ready - then you can do just that by enabling Splash Page mode and specifying a password. For more information on how to achieve this, please see our Splash Page article.

So, to wrap up: if Splash Page mode is disabled, then you are live.

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