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Can I run my store with multiple languages?
Can I run my store with multiple languages?
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Is it possible to run a store in 2 languages, e.g, English and Spanish?

On the SupaDupa platform right now, a single store can only be in 1 language. However, you can setup 2 stores, and run each store in their own language. You would have a different domain name for each store as well, e.g, your English boutique might have a domain name ending in ".com", and your Spanish boutique might have a domain name ending in ".es".

When running a multi-boutique setup like this you would need to manually keep your products, images, descriptions, coupons etc in sync.

Please note that the following caveats apply for multi-language stores, but with an open mind they should be no trouble at all:

1) It is not possible to add a "Switch Language" feature to your store at this time, although most customers should be familiar with accessing domains in their local country extension they would need to know to do this. You could for example print on your business cards both domain names and state their language.

2) The checkout is English only at this time and there is no way to adjust that, although most non-native English speakers generally know enough to get them through a typical online shopping experience. This is something we will support in future (cannot give date/time).

3) The language of the PayPal screen is automatically determined by PayPal based on your visitor's previous interactions with PayPal (if any), their PayPal account (if logged in to PayPal) and the Country the select in the Checkout, but the choice is ultimately PayPal's and we are unable to control it.

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