If you would like to require that customers explicitly accept your terms and conditions before purchasing - you now have the option to enable such a toggle from your SupaDupa shop settings. You may require this if you are using the SagePay payment gateway for example, or if you reside in certain countries.

Once the toggle is enabled, and you save your changes - customers will see the toggle in your checkout:

Creating your Terms and Conditions page

Within the checkout, the 'terms and conditions' text will be a link which takes the user to your terms and conditions page - but it will only be a link if you actually have a page with the path '/terms-and-conditions'. In other words, you'll need to have a page at: yoursupadupastore.com/terms-and-conditions. As a reminder on how to set the path for a page you've created - please see the 'Page settings' section of the Pages Editor overview article.

Coming Monday we'll have a 'Terms and conditions' template available in the Pages builder - which may interest you if you're wanting a quick way to get your terms page together.

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