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Domain Name Guide: NetRegistry
Domain Name Guide: NetRegistry
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(images will follow shortly).

To begin, log in to your NetRegistry account at with your NetRegistry login details.

After logging in you will be at your Account Summary screen. Select your domain name from the list, and click the Administer button.
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When you get back to the main menu, choose Zone Manager.
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On the Zone management page, click to add a CNAME record.
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On the Add a new CNAME record page, enter "www" into the name box, and exactly "" (with a trailing period) into the Host box. Then click Add Record.
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You will now be back on the Zone management page, click "Return to Domain Menu".

You will now have all of the options for your domain. Our first step is to ensure that redirects to To do this, click to enable Redirection by clicking "Redirector is disabled, click here to enable".
{{ image 2 with Redirection highlighted }}

The page will reload, the enable link will change to a disable link. This means redirection is enabled. Now click on the main "Redirection" link.
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There are 2 types of redirection offered by NetRegistry, either Cloaking or a Permanent Redirect. We ALWAYS want to choose a Permanent redirect. If you see a page like below and there is a "disable cloaking" link, click it!
{{ image 4 }}

You should now be on a much shorter redirect page, that ONLY asks you for a Pointing URL. In the box, enter your domain name with the www prefix. In the example below, the domain we are working with is "", so in this case we want to set it to "" in the box. Once you have entered the www domain name, click "Change Redirector". The page will reload with a success message.
{{ image 5 }}

Once the above is done, go in to your SupaDupa domains page, and add a new domain with "" (note the www prefix).

Technical Note: It is important to add the cname record when the redirector is disabled, and then configure the redirector after. This is due to a limitation of the administration controls within NetRegistry. Without doing this way around, it is not possible to create the CNAME because the add CNAME form will check for the presence of an A record before allowing the CNAME to save.

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