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Other Domain Registrar?
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If you have purchased your own domain name through a company not listed on our domains help page, then we may not have a specific guide for you to follow. In that case, we recommend that you telephone or email the company you purchased the domain through, and give them the instructions below.

They should understand what this jargon means, and should be able to help you use their interface to point your domain to your SupaDupa boutique.

You now have a choice.

Choice A: Do you have a website already, and you want to have people visit, for example, to get to your SupaDupa store?

Choice B: Or do you want your main name to be used for your SupaDupa shop? (eg, and

Choice A - Shop is a Sub-Domain only

If you choose Choice A, then telephone the domain company, and ask them to help you do the following:

A1) "Create a CNAME record for your chosen sub-domain (e.g, "shop" from "") that points to "" (trailing period may be important(!)).

Choice B - Main Domain is your Store

If you choose Choice B, then telephone the domain company, and ask them to help you do the following two things:

1) "Setup a 301 non-masked redirect (sometimes called forwarding) from to"
2) "Create a CNAME record for your www sub-domain that points to ""

Once you have your domain set up with the company you purchased it through, you will need to add it to your Domains page inside your Shop.

Please allow 48 hours for your domain changes to take effect.

Adding your Domain to SupaDupa

After you have your domain setup with your domain registration company, return to your SupaDupa boutique administration and go to the domains section located in Shop Setting tab / Domains.

Click the green button to add a ‘Add domain’. Type in the sub-domain and full domain you wish to add e.g in Choice A, or for Choice B.

Click the button to SAVE CHANGES.
You will be returned to the domains list where you should now click the Radio button to set the default domain name for your boutique.

Now, click the Default toggle next to your newly added custom domain.

Phewwww, you’re all done!

Your domain should now be pointing at your boutique so you can now be able to go directly to it by typing it into your address bar in your browser.

If it does not work immediately, give it 48 hours after which check that you have followed these steps correctly.

Mark domain as Default
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