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SagePay payment gateway setup instructions
SagePay payment gateway setup instructions

Have your Sagepay detail ready - this is how you configure your methods using these.

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Creating your SagePay account

To set up an account with SagePay, visit the following link: Signup here
SagePay's Home page:

Adding your SagePay account to SupaDupa

  1. Login to your store’s SupaDupa Back office and go to ‘Settings’ → ‘Payment methods

  2. Toggle to YES for Credit Card Gateway

  3. Select 'SagePay' from the drop down list of payment gateways

  4. Enter the following details
    These are your SagePay Vendor Name you were issued when you setup your SagePay account:
    : (enter your Vendor Name here)

  5. Click to SAVE CHANGES
    You’re almost done!

Configuring SagePay to work with your SupaDupa store

Now, login to your SagePay account and configure your account as follows:

  1. When setting up your SagePay account you must choose:
    SagePay: "Server"
    Shopping cart type: "Other"

  2. SagePay only allows API-calls from whitelisted IP-addresses therefore please ensure the following IPs are added as Valid IP addresses in your SagePay account configuration:
    If asked for a subnet mask, specify:

How to test to make sure your SagePay gateway works correctly?

Now, to test that your SagePay payment gateway is set up correctly you should place a Test order which will simulate what your customers do at the checkout.
To place a test transaction / order:
Add items to your basket and proceed to the checkout.
At the checkout use the following Test card numbers to place test orders using different card types.
Test orders will and appear in your ‘Orders’ tab which you can also use to simulate a test dispatch.
Test orders will not affect your stock quantity.

Test cards:

Visa: 4929000000006
MasterCard (MC): 5404000000000001
Visa Debit / Delta (DELTA): 4462000000000003
American Express (AMEX): 374200000000004
Visa Electron (UKE): 4917300000000008
Solo (SOLO): 6334900000000005 (Issue number:  1)
UK Maestro: 5641820000000005 (Issue number: 01)
International Maestro (MAESTRO): 5641820000000005 (Issue number: 01)

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